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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  June 14, 2017 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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♪ >> katie: don't come near me! i'm warning you! i'm warning you, sheila! >> sheila: but we're just talking. can you put it down? >> katie: get out of my house!
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>> sheila: katie, i'm sorry, but i'm not going anywhere. >> eric: is it pointless for me to ask you how you are? >> quinn: oh, i'm still a little bit shaky. >> eric: hmm. i'll be steady for you. >> quinn: i know. you always are. [ sighs ] i can't believe somebody tried to shoot me. and i've been on my best behavior! at least i think i have been. i... i've been just going over and over in my head, who -- who did i upset? who did i make mad? and the only person i can come up with is katie, but... the gunshot-residue test cleared her, so... who wants me dead? >> bill: hmm. [ muffled ] so... how about we just turn this around... and, uh, do it all again? but for like, you know, six months or so? >> brooke: [ giggles ] it was an amazing honeymoon. but the dollar bill spencer i know wouldn't loaf around europe
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for six whole months. >> bill: yeah, he would, with you by his side... wife. [ brooke chuckles ] >> wyatt: ohh, kissy, kissy. >> liam: oh. >> brooke: oh, no! [ laughs ] >> bill: oh, really? >> liam: you know, guys, the honeymoon was over when you stepped foot in the building. >> bill: nah, honeymooners for life. >> brooke: [ sighs ] you know, liam could be right. it's time to get back to real life. >> bill: but you see what i have to deal with. really? do i have to? >> bill: [ laughs ] yes, you do. and so do i. so if you need me, i will be at forrester. >> bill: i do. >> brooke: mm. mm, okay. well, then, i'll see you at home later. [ both chuckle ] >> liam: i don't want to know what you do at home. >> wyatt: yeah. ugh... >> brooke: goodbye, boys. >> wyatt: bye. >> liam: [ chuckles ] bye. >> bill: now that's a woman. >> liam: yeah, and your wife, no less. took you long enough. >> wyatt: about damn time. >> bill: and, believe me, we've been making up for it as much as humanly possible. >> wyatt: yeah, we could leave that out. >> liam: that's, uh, too much information. >> wyatt: we're happy for you. >> bill: thank you, sons. >> wyatt: yeah. >> bill: so, what did i miss?
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>> wyatt: well, um... someone tried to shoot my mom. >> ridge: so, that's all we know. whoever shot at quinn is still out there. >> pam: that's scary. >> ridge: it is scary. she's pretty shaken. >> pam: but who do you think would want to kill quinn? >> ridge: i don't know. >> pam: i mean, in the past [chuckles] i mean, just wait in line. take a number. but since she's been with eric, even you can see that... she's different. >> ridge: "even" me? >> pam: i mean, not so long ago, ridge, you would've been one of the first people in that line. but you and quinn have come a long way. ♪
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>> bill: somebody tried to kill your mother? >> wyatt: yeah, that or scare her. and they did a good job, too. she was alone at the house, she was out on the patio, and then all of a sudden a bullet flies by her head. we're talking inches away, here. >> bill: i suppose i should ask how she's doing. >> wyatt: you know... don't hurt yourself. >> bill: well, wyatt, come on. you know, i mean, you're my son. i love you. but quinn -- not a big fan. >> liam: yeah, well, that makes two of us. not that anybody wants her dead, right? >> bill: any word on the shooter? >> wyatt: actually, she pointed a finger toward katie. >> bill: katie?! >> pam: i would be terrified if i was quinn.
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i mean, what if the shooter comes back? has another, more successful attempt? ridge, you know what, we should put charlie on quinn full time. really. until the cops arrest this nutcase. >> ridge: okay. thank you. i think, if we need security, we'll try to find someone that doesn't leave his gun... you're home. >> brooke: yes. we are. >> pam: i-i'll just get back to work, and leave you two alone. welcome back, brooke! >> pam: thanks, pam. >> ridge: i missed you brightening up the place. you look happy. >> brooke: [ sighs ] i am. and i'm committed to my husband. >> ridge: and that would be me if i hadn't screwed up with quinn. >> quinn: katie held a gun on me. she wasn't shy about using it. it made sense that she would
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take the next step and -- and fire it. you know, when i thought she was avoiding the police, i went up to her house again to confront her, and, well, that was when i met her friend sheila. >> eric: well, katie's been cleared by the police. they performed this gunshot-residue thing on her, and it came back negative. although it is alarming that she pulled a gun on you. >> quinn: clearly the woman hates me. >> eric: she's hurt and angry that she was fired. pulling a gun on somebody is unacceptable, but katie's no killer. believe me, i know what i'm talking about. i've dealt with that kind of a woman before. >> sheila: i'm not going anywhere until you listen to me. >> katie: i don't need to hear anything you have to say, sheila. >> sheila: would you please just put that down? >> katie: what are you doing in my house? oh, my god. it was you. you tried to kill quinn because she's eric's wife. first you start with this
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>> bill: i know katie. i was married to her. twice. yes, she can get mad as hell. she'll throw things. yells. but nobody ever got shot. including me. and one could argue that i gave her plenty of reason. >> liam: i mean, quinn does have a knack for provoking people. >> wyatt: [ exclaims ] >> liam: com-- dude. you know it's true. she pushes and pushes and pushes until you snap. and i know, because i did. >> wyatt: okay, fine. >> bill: all right, so, nothing happened, right? katie's cleared. that's what you said. >> wyatt: right. >> bill: so case closed. now, as far as who took a shot at quinn... i mean, take a number. it could be anybody. >> wyatt: somehow, this conversation with my father and -- and brother is not making me feel comforted right now. does no one care that my mother -- i mean, as flawed as she is, yes, but still my only one -- could end up dead? >> liam: quinn will be fine. she always is. >> bill: hey, where the hell is will in all this? >> wyatt: out of the house with the nanny the whole time. >> bill: good. katie, accused of taking a shot at quinn. wait'll brooke hears about this.
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>> brooke: ridge, there's no reason for us to ever talk about quinn at all. unless, of course, it's about business. and what happened happened. and you both said you're sorry. and we don't need to say anything else to anybody as long as you stay away from each other. >> ridge: yeah, well, actually, there is one thing -- >> brooke: oh, no. please. let's -- it's in the past. we need to move forward. >> ridge: i understand you don't want to talk about quinn. i get that. but there's something you should know. something happened. >> brooke: what happened with quinn? >> bill: someone took a shot at her. >> brooke: what? is she okay? >> ridge: yeah, she's fine. they missed. >> brooke: where? when? >> ridge: the patio off the living room. >> brooke: it was at their house? do they have any idea who it is? >> ridge: the police are talking to katie. >> sheila: look, i'm sorry. we just got off on the wrong foot. >> katie: you broke into my house! >> sheila: your window was open. >> katie: that doesn't give you the right to come in and make yourself at home! >> sheila: well, i yelled for you, katie.
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i-i ju-- i just thought i would wait. >> katie: what do you want? >> sheila: you know, you still look scared, katie, and you really don't need to be. and -- and for the record, i know nothing about a shooting. >> katie: yeah. well, i -- you know, i'd love to believe you. but i do know about all those horrible things that you -- you did. >> sheila: well, that was a long time ago. i did my time. i'm a different person now. >> katie: why are you here? >> sheila: i want your help. >> katie: my help? >> sheila: you're reasonable. you're fair-minded. i think, if you vouch for someone, it'll stick. >> katie: you want me to vouch for you?! >> sheila: i want you to talk to eric and the forresters on my behalf. i-i want you to start by saying how -- how friendly and reasonable i've been with you here, that -- that there's been absolutely no trace of the old sheila. the forresters were a very big
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part of my life, and i just want to make things right with them. and you can make that happen. so, katie, what do you say, huh? help me out? [ cellphone chimes ] >> eric: oh, my god. >> quinn: honey? what is it? >> eric: [ sighs ] the woman you saw up at katie's? >> quinn: her friend? >> eric: yeah, she's not a friend. it's my ex-wife. >> quinn: that's sheila carter? >> eric: yes. and if she's back in the picture, everything's starting to make terrible sense now. >> quinn: what are you talking about? >> eric: she's dangerous. she's killed people. she's been in and out of jail. there's been rumors of identity change. my god. if sheila is here... then i think we just found our shooter. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot.
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that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. >> eric: sheila's with katie right now. she could be in danger.
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look, call ridge. get him up here to the house. i don't want you to be alone. >> quinn: eric, wait a second. if sheila is as dangerous as you say she is, you can get hurt. don't you think we should call lieutenant baker? >> eric: i think i can handle sheila. get ridge up here. >> bill: katie being hauled off to the police station like a common criminal. that'll put a damper on brooke. >> wyatt: i don't think it was that dramatic, dad. >> liam: yeah, i think she drove herself. it's not like she was arrested or anything. >> bill: however it went down, brooke's gonna be upset. i should call her, give her a heads up. >> liam: brooke went to forrester, right? >> bill: yeah. >> liam: so she probably knows all about it by now. >> brooke: thank god they cleared katie. but of course they would. who would ever believe that katie would shoot quinn? >> ridge: i agree. she's not gonna shoot anybody. but someone out there is targeting quinn. >> brooke: you seem really concerned. >> ridge: what? no. i'm -- >> brooke: you better be careful, ridge. >> ridge: careful of what? >> brooke: that. the denial. you got involved with quinn because of your self-destructive
3:28 am
behavior. but maybe, just maybe, you do have some real feelings. >> ridge: whatever happened between me and quinn, that's in the past. but that doesn't mean i want some lunatic shooting at her. no, it wasn't katie. i know that. but someone is out there, and i got to find out who it is. >> katie: you know, i don't have any reason or desire to help you, so... my answer is no. you can leave now. >> sheila: all i'm asking you to do is to put in a good word for me with eric and his family. to -- to just help influence him. is that so hard to do? >> katie: did you shoot at his wife? >> sheila: no! of course not. i've -- i have been locked up. i'm rehabilitated. i don't just shoot people anymore. >> katie: [ scoffs ] oh, okay. yeah. great. >> sheila: look, stop -- stop looking at me as the woman i was in the past. look at me as the woman standing right here in front of you now. am i holding a gun on you --
3:29 am
forcing you to say these things, katie? no. i'm not. i'm asking you nicely. [ scoffs ] the best years of my life were spent with the forresters. as part of their family. making amends means everything to me. i'm trying to put my life back together again, katie. but have you ever been to prison? >> katie: uh... >> sheila: no. no. of course -- of course you haven't. but you know what? take it from me. it is not fun. i never want to go there again. >> katie: and that's where you've been? >> sheila: yeah. you probably thought i was dead, or -- or wished that i were. and i understand completely. i've done terrible, unspeakable things. but i am never going to be that woman again. but i need to at least piece together enough of a life for the woman that i've become. >> sheila: please just talk to eric. he loved me once, enough to marry me.
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no, i get it. >> bill: you all right, son? >> wyatt: yeah, i'm -- i'm fine. >> liam: you're too easy to read to get away with that, bro. >> bill: worried about your mother? >> wyatt: yeah, well, i'm sure you're not interested. >> bill: not in quinn. but i'm interested in you. >> wyatt: i just -- this all would've made sense before. like, my mom's been a human wrecking ball. i mean, what she did to you alone... and pile on hope and ivy and
3:34 am
steffy -- the list goes on and on. she's got plenty of people who'd want to see her gone. but i'm telling you guys, since she met eric, she's different. she's transformed. eric's as happy as he's ever been. the -- the forresters appreciate that about her. she's even made friends with old enemies, including ridge. okay, she's at odds with katie. but [scoffs] come on. it's not life-threatening. i just -- i don't get it. who could want to hurt my mom now? >> quinn: [ gasps ] you scared me! >> ridge: hey. i'm sorry. are you okay? >> quinn: [ sighs ] yeah. it's been a long day. and -- and it's not over yet. >> ridge: all right. well, i got your text. what's -- what's going on? >> quinn: well, your dad wanted me to text you. he didn't want me to be alone. >> ridge: i understand that. i mean, you almost got killed today. well, i'm -- i'm... i'm here. i'm not gonna let anything
3:35 am
happen to you. >> quinn: i-i know. i believe that. >> ridge: want to sit down? come on. relax. >> quinn: [ sighs ] no, no, no. no, something happened today. something you don't even know about. i... i -- [ sighs ] i went back over to katie's to confront her when -- when i thought she was avoiding the police, and... when i got there, there was this woman at her house. she said she was an old logan-family friend, and... >> ridge: okay. >> quinn: then your dad got a text from katie. it was like an s.o.s. text. and he rushed out of here. >> ridge: you're babbling a little bit. i'm not sure -- >> quinn: no, no, no, no, no. i know i'm not making any sense. let me... the woman -- the woman that was at katie's house was sheila carter. >> ridge: well, that's impossible. >> quinn: it's not impossible. she's at katie's house right now. with your father. >> sheila: oh, god. you look wonderful, eric. so handsome and distinguished. >> eric: what are you doing here? >> sheila: i came to make
3:36 am
amends. >> eric: "amends"? >> sheila: yes, because i'm -- i'm changing. i-i came to ask katie for her help. i know how much you value the opinion of people that you care for, and... god, this is so much better! face-to-face. you can see for yourself what -- what i'm talking about. >> eric: are you okay? >> katie: yeah. um... just glad will wasn't here. and i had this just in case. >> sheila: and you didn't need it, did you? because i came with good intentions. i'm trying to start over again. i know that i've done some horrible things. and i'd like the chance to make those up to you. to be accepted by you and your family again. you've always been so compassionate, eric. you've -- you've got such a big heart. no one has the capacity to forgive someone the way that you do. and i want show you that i'm not the horrible person
3:37 am
i used to be. i have learned lessons. and i want to apply them. >> eric: you seem sincere. >> sheila: that's because i really am. >> eric: i've seen that before, haven't i? well, here's a lesson i've learned. the more convincing you are, the more dangerous you are. you draw people in. you get them to believe that you're different, and that you've changed, and that you're sorry, and then you strike. a shot was fired at my wife from this direction today. and now suddenly here you are in katie's house. what is that? am i supposed to believe that's some kind of fantastic coincidence? >> sheila: yes, because i didn't take a shot at -- at quinn. why would i do that when i'm trying to -- to make things right with you? >> eric: i'm not gonna let this happen, sheila. i'm not gonna let you harm my family, and i'm sure as hell not
3:38 am
gonna let you harm my wife. i'm gonna put a stop to this before it goes any further. >> sheila: eric... eric, who are you calling? >> eric: lieutenant baker? eric forrester. could you send a squad car up to katie logan's house right away? i've got our shooter. it's sheila carter. ♪ strike a pose. a. your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation, restasis multidose™ can help... with continued use twice a day, every day, one drop at a time. restasis multidose™ helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose™
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i went to so many doctors and nobody knows what's wrong with him. and many heart-breaking moments like that. >> reporter: perhaps no one expressed the anguish of aids better than new york writer larry kramer. >> this is a national emergency. this is an epidemic. it's a plague. >> reporter: as documented in his tony and emmy-award winning work "the normal heart." >> gay men have no future here on earth. our continued existence depend the on just how angry you can get.
3:44 am
>> reporter: kramer, hiv positive himself, became enraged at behavior in the gay community. >> because we were dying, you know, all this business about i don't want to use a condom. well, sorry, fellas. that's what you got to do now. >> reporter: but he was even more angry at the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry. founding a protest group called act up to demand quicker action on developing aids prevention and treatment drugs. >> there are a lot of sick people and a lot of angry people and a lot of scared people. so it was okay, we're going to go out there. we're going to fight. >> how many more have to die of aids? saving lives is morally right. >> we're going to show our faces, protest everywhere we can, and we did. >> reporter: one person who felt kramer's fury?
3:45 am
was nih dr. anthony fauci who acknowledges act-up's contribution. did the community start speeding up the trials and being less rigid in what they did before they would bring a drug to market? >> we loosened some of the restrictions, but we never compromised our core fundamental scientific principles, and i think that was a great victory, for the activists and for the scientists. because they saw they could do things better without being so restrictive. >> scientists are expected to announce tomorrow, proposals for the use of an anti-viral drug which has shown success against aids. >> reporter: in 1987, azt that could reduce the risk of it developing into aids was approved. >> researchers stress that it is not a cure, nor does it work in every case. but, it is the first significant
3:46 am
progress in the battle against aids. >> reporter: and over the years, a stream of drugs has improved treatment and lengthened lives. there are now more than 1 million americans living with hiv. the rate of infection in the united states has decreased from some 130,000 new cases per year in 1985 to about 40,000 in 2015. aids prevention and treatment drugs can be expensive. and although there are programs that provide them, not everyone has access to them. the rate of new hiv cases tends to be higher in the african-american and latino communities. 22-year-old pedro rios was diagnosed with hiv just two and a half months ago. were you known to take chances, because you were young and thought nothing could happen to you. >> i was definitely at that stage where i've never had an
3:47 am
std before, so. >> reporter: a sexually transmitted disease of about. >> the first one that i got was obviously hiv. >> reporter: but he says the news was not distressing to him. >> it was very much, okay. i accept it. so what's next? where do we go from here? >> reporter: he now takes one pill a day in a clinical trial. but rios will probably be on medication for the rest of his life. and, after 36 years, anthony fauci is still searching for both a vaccine and a cure. >> we still have a long way to go. we really need to essentially put the nail in the coffin of this disease, and we are not there yet. and when we get casual about it and assume that, well, we took care of hiv aids, we can move on to something else, that's a big stains happen...
3:48 am
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act now and your rate will be locked in for life. it will never increase. your coverage can never be cancelled as long as you pay your premiums, and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free, with no obligation. don't wait, call this number now. ♪
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no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling that lasts up to 4 weeks. lysol. what it takes to protect. the movie industry is in a slump. there are no hollywood blockbusters on the horizon and industry analysts expect ticket sales this summer to fall by up to 10% from last year. the theater industry though isn't taking this lying down, embracing new technologies to bring moviegoers back inside.
3:51 am
jeff glor reports. >> there you go. >> reporter: deep inside a 16-storey building in the heart of san francisco. >> this is where the magic happens. >> reporter: lies what might be the best place on the planet to watch a movie. >> this is dolby atmos. >> reporter: the theater is wrapped in steel, boxed in by two sets of walls. all resting in a floating, concrete floor. >> our goal is to provide them with a greater palette. >> reporter: the ceo of dolby laboratories. it is not open to the public. simply a spot where the company can test and show off. >> everything we do begins with a belief that storytelling is a basic human need and engaging in those stories is a basic human needs. >> dolby laboratories -- >> reporter: dolby was founded in the '60s by ray dolby as an
3:52 am
audio company. it became the industry standard in the '70s and '80s, catapulted in part by a once little-known film. today this cinema technology blends both audio and visual. >> today we're doing for the eyes what we've always done for the ears. >> reporter: it means using software to produce pure levels of color as well as a focus on object-based sound. >> we want a sound in the front or we want a sound panning through the speakers. >> what does he have on right now? >> so evan's wearing, this is an eeg, an electroencephalogram. >> reporter: the research is done in labs all over the campus. >> they see fire on tv and naturally get hot. >> reporter: poppy crumb is the chief scientist. you're measuring brain waves. >> exactly. >> reporter: is any one of those
3:53 am
more telling? >> it always depends. in watching an adrenaline-rush car scene, and there's one salient moment that the content creator is hoping people jump out of their seats. we're probably going to look at skin response. >> reporter: you can't fool this. it's like a lie detector test. >> it literal shly is a lie detector test. >> reporter: the processors in this projection room put sound and picture in this theater. what used to be a light bulb in a film projector, a digital projector is now an array of laser light sources that combine a whole bunch of like laser pointers together to create light on the screen. >> so exciting for you to sit at these. >> we spent a lot of late nights here. >> reporter: one person who's taken a keen interest in this new technology is a producer who needs no introduction. jerry bruckheimer has put together movies. ♪ highway to the danger zone
3:54 am
>> reporter: and tv shows. ♪ >> reporter: including on this network that are memorable and highly profitable. this is where it all started. >> yes. these sound stages were the original pirates. >> pirates! >> pirates. >> reporter: he struck gold again with pirates of the caribbean. the fifth installment of the series comes out this month. available in, you guessed it, dolby cinema. is that the goal? to get something to be as realistic as possible? >> that's what you want. you want the audience to believe it, feel it, you know, you're seeing it. >> reporter: bruckheimer is a firm believer that the experience inside a movie theater can be transformative. and given the right combination of story and science, one that isn't going anywhere. and you think the moviegoers will spend more for a ticket to see a bert picture?
3:55 am
>> always. >> reporter: but when you get to
3:56 am
3:57 am
today is flag day, marking the day in 1777 that the stars and stripes was adopted as the united states national banner. the flag is sacred to a lot of americans, particularly veterans and the people who love them, just like the young man steve hartman found on the road. >> reporter: young boys aren't easily appalled. but 11-year-old preston sharp still knows the feeling. >> yeah, i was really surprised. >> reporter: and disappointed. >> yeah, and really disappointed, yeah. >> reporter: had you seen him like that before? >> not this angry and passionate. >> reporter: his mom april says what upset him so was visiting his grandfather's grave in california and realizing not every veteran in the cemetery had a flag. april says even hours later i was still harping about it.
3:58 am
>> i said son, if you are about something you either have to do something about it or let it go. and he's like, i'm going to do something about it, mom. >> reporter: next thing she knew, preston was soliciting donations and taking odd jobs to put flags on every veteran's grave in his grandfather's cemetery and moved on to another and then another. and here we are 23,000 graves later. and i does this every week, rain or shine, especially rain. why? >> like they were out there in the rain doing their job, protecting us. >> reporter: preston says coming out here in the rain or in this case, 100-degree heat is the least he can do. >> thank you for your service, michael. >> reporter: his devotion really is enormous. >> thank you for your service, samuel. >> reporter: and contagious. >> thank you so much for coming out today. >> reporter: now when word gets out that preston will be at a cemetery, a lot of folks feel
3:59 am
compelled to join in. >> it's just amazing. >> reporter: people like vietnam veteran, fred loveland. >> what he's doing brings them out, because they can't believe that a young man in this country is doing what he does. >> we've got to put the flower in. >> reporter: it is a movement of young and old. >> thank you for your service, lewis. >> reporter: of those who served their country and those who are so grateful they did. >> thank you for your service, alan. >> reporter: all led by this little pied piper of patriotism who saw an injustice and decided to do something about it. next wednesday is flag day, but for preston sharp, it's just another one of 365 chances to do what's right. >> thank you for your service, norman. >> reporter: steve hartman, on the road in redding, california. and that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
4:00 am
york city, i'm don dahler. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, june 14th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." in my 29 years being a firefighter, i have never, ever seen anything of this scale. >> breaking news. several people are dead and dozens hurt after a london high-rise erupted into flames. according to witnesses, residents tied sheets together to escape while others begged for help. >> just like a waterfall on the one side of fire and


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